I am an amateur, Spanish nature photographer. My passion for wildlife, for going out to the countryside and trying to capture what I saw and felt, led me to nature photography. I still enjoy with documentary photography, not only of wildlife but of nature in general, but I currently shares it with a more personal, intimate and creative approach to nature. In both aspects, most of my photographic work have been done in Spain, my native country.

I am member of both environmentalist (SEO/Birdlife, WWF) and photographic associations (AEFONA, Spanish association of nature photographers and FONAMAD, Madrid nature photographers), because I consider that nature photography should combine the search for beauty with the increase of a greater environmental awareness in the society.

This is a talk I had with Javier Alonso Torre for his YouTube channel. I am sorry but it is in Spanish... 

If you want to buy any work, propose me any idea, comment or ask me anything, do not hesitate to contact me.

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